Gathering Voices Society (GVS) was founded in 2013 with three purposes:

  • To increase the public’s awareness and appreciation of Indigenous cultures and traditional knowledge systems

  • To educate the public on historical and contemporary issues facing Indigenous Peoples and potential solutions by providing seminars, lectures, workshops and courses on relevant topics;

  • To educate the public by conducting or commissioning publicly disseminated research on Indigenous knowledge systems and economic and governance approaches to alleviate poverty and resolve conservation problems.

Gathering Voices Society (GVS) is a registered charitable foundation, focused on advancing environmental stewardship programs for First Nations across Canada. Since 2013, Gathering Voices Society has advanced solutions for two problems facing Indigenous Canadians: a lack of sustainable livelihood opportunities and ecological degradation that threatens cultural and ecological values.  Gathering Voices Society is working to address these two issues by facilitating the implementation of ecosystems management and stewardship programs. These programs can empower Indigenous Peoples to directly address ecological degradation, and create sustainable livelihood opportunities.