OUR Mission

We are an Indigenous-led charity that works closely with communities to find solutions to livelihood and sustainability issues. Together we build practical long-term solutions to support economic, ecological, social and cultural priorities.


At Gathering Voices Society, we believe that finding a balance between development and conservation is possible by using innovative, local models that incorporate traditional knowledge systems, science, and market-based tools. We are focused on supporting Indigenous communities to develop nature-based adaptation strategies to environmental, economic and social problems. Such strategies include the implementation of a tourism fee to support environmental stewardship, and integrated fire management/carbon-offset programs. We provide a safe space for communities to discuss and share their vision, and bring experts to these discussions to provide best available science. We then work closely with communities as they design and implement these programs, documenting what works so that these livelihood solutions can be replicated across Canada. By working with the broader community to increase awareness and understanding of these programs, we hope to facilitate their long- term success.

OUR Projects


Revitalizing Indigenous Fire Management

Clayoquot Sound

Developing an Ecosystems Services Framework


The First Nations Ecosystem Management Network


We all play an important role in creating change for the world and future generations